Two children diagnosed with Chickenpox at Portland Expo

Two children from Portland Expo are diagnosed with chickenpox. Disease Control and Prevention Maine Center stated that no one else was immediately admitted to medical care for the virus treatment. But, there is still a possibility of additional cases of diagnosis. Maine CDC suggests families of the children to separate at the expo to avoid virus spread. The virus could spread through contact with the itchy blisters. City leaders and the Maine CDC officials alerted visitors or volunteers at the expo to prevent the spread.

The city and the Maine CDC are working cooperatively for reported cases of chickenpox at the expo. They are also following protocols to avoid the spread. The city and the Maine CDC are also alerting everyone associated with expo to watch for symptoms. They are even suggesting people at expo to check their vaccination record with a healthcare provider. Maine CDC has been alerted about the situation. Varicella (chickenpox) is a transmittable viral disease. The people who have not had chickenpox can get infected with the virus. Also, individuals who haven’t gotten the varicella vaccine are exposed to the virus. People at the Expo are considered exposed to the virus. Health and Human Services Department of the city sent out a memo to volunteers and staff at the Expo about the presence of individuals with chickenpox.

Symptoms of chickenpox include blister-like and itchy rash. This rash first appears on the chest, back, and face. Then the outbreak and spreads over the entire body. The blisters become scabs after about a week. The virus can easily infect to anyone who has not had chickenpox and are not vaccinated. Public Health department and the Maine CDC suggests good hand hygiene to avoid the spread of the virus. To prevent infection, who is unvaccinated or never had chickenpox should get vaccinated. Two doses of vaccination are required for proper prevention. Stopping the virus from spreading can be achieved through vaccination and hygiene.

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