Tel Aviv University Researchers Discover A Vaccine For Skin Cancer

Melanoma is a very aggressive and dangerous type of skin cancer. Tel Aviv University researchers developed nano-vaccine for this kind of skin cancer. Researchers said that “For avoiding melanoma development and treatment of metastases and primary tumors, this vaccine has proven very effective in mice.” This vaccine is treated only on the human tissues, not correctly tested on human beings. Mr. Ronit Satchi-Fainaro, Chairman of Pharmacology & Physiology department, Head of Nanomedicine & Cancer Research laboratory at TAU’s Faculty of Medicine, said that “This research unlocks the door to an entirely new approach for operative treatment of the melanoma, also in very advanced stages of cancer.

The scientists used tiny small particles, about 175 nanometers in size, which made up of biodegradable polymers. Two peptides are “packed” within every particle – small chains of the amino acids, which are found in the melanoma cells. Researchers then injected the “nano-vaccines” into the mice infected from melanoma. Satchi-Fainaro said that “For viral-borne diseases, the nano vaccines acted just like known vaccines. The immune system of mice is stimulated by mice; then the immune cells start to identify and then attacks on cells covering two peptides, i.e., melanoma cells. That means from now the immune system of immunized mice will break melanoma cells when they entered into the body. The scientists validated the efficiency of the vaccine by different three conditions.

Satchi-Fainaro said that “In our research, we showed that nano-vaccine are effective against melanoma. In general, treatment against melanoma and cancer are carried out by chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy. But nowdays vaccines are proven most effective against cancer”. Satchi-Fainero said that this nano vaccines platform is also suitable for another type of cancer. It is possible to discover other vaccines for all types of cancer using this nano vaccine platform. Nano vaccine will become effective in all kinds of cancer.

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