Patient can control or regulate diabetes by taking low carb diet

The patient having type 2 diabetes can eat a low carbohydrate containing high protein and fat which can help to regulate body sugar in them. The carbohydrate is nutrient having the highest result in increasing blood sugar level. This is having ability to regulate blood sugar levels in body. This is based on the new study. According to journal Diabetologia, on the basis of that treatment of type 2 diabetes in the patient. This can regulate or control their body sugar level. This is the central aspect in the treatment given in the journal. This diet has several benefits such as, can reduce liver fat content and have positive effect on the metabolism of fat.

Purpose of study is to check the impact of diet without any problem related wet loss. This is useful for only in type2 diabetes patients. To check this patient are instructed to maintain their weight. This statement is given by the DMSc Thure Krarup a senior consultant. The study shows that by losing the number of carbohydrates in the diet. This can be by increasing the number of protein as well as fat. This is depending on the rising body of evidence, investigators might reconsideration dietary references for patients having type 2 diabetes this is stated by noted Krarup. This is beneficial in treatment of high blood sugar and to reduce liver fat content.

This study confirms that supposition diet with low carbohydrate can progress ability in patients to regulate their diabetes levels without losing weight. The investigation combined type 2 diabetes patients almost 28. Investigator were studied for 12 weeks. Among six weeks, the patients given a conservative diabetes diet. This is done with high carbohydrate. In next six weeks they take diet with low carbohydrate, high protein and medium increased fat content. The decreasing sugar levels is benefit for people having diabetes. But lower can need insulin is also useful as decreasing insulin in the body. Which can decrease insulin confrontation with the help for type 2 diabetes patient.

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