Irritating Compounds Found in ‘Vape Juice’

Vape juice is a relevant content used in vaporizers and E-cigarettes. Vape juice forms certain irritating chemicals when heated, that are known as acetals. For this, researchers have heated vape juice and analyzed the liquid and vapors. According to the CDC, there are over 3 million individuals who use E-cigarettes. These individuals include students of middle and high school and adults. These harmful chemicals could be damaging the lungs of these regular users. Besides this, there are over 7,000 flavors of E-liquid in the market, which do not come under any regulations. The addition of various flavors in the liquid of E-cigarettes sometimes turns into the production of irritating chemicals.

Acetals are obtained from aldehydes and alcohols and are used in various foods and commercial products for flavoring and essence. Several aldehydes are considered safe for use in food products. However, some aldehydes are deemed unsafe for consumption. Also, as per some research publications, acetals can generate higher irritation than aldehydes. This irritation can lead to an immediate inflammatory response in the respiratory system. Currently, the FDA does not mandate for manufacturers of E-liquid to mention all contents on the products. Hence, scientists have separated the contents of E-liquid through reveres-engineering for detection of acetals. Besides that, scientists have found the presence of acetals in one Juul flavors out of eight. This flavor provides vanilla-like flavor, as it contains a high amount of vanillin acetals.

Many are aware of that; vape juice is unhealthy for humans. Also, there are chances that the inverse effects of E-cigarettes may arise after a long time in users. In addition, some scientists deem that E-cigarettes includes heavy metals and many unsafe chemicals. However, researchers need to perform in-depth research before arriving on any conclusion. They also need to understand the side effects of acetal inhalation. Post which, they can present their analysis whether the E-liquids used are safe or unsafe for humans.

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David Christenson

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