Fertility clinics in danger due to the rising number of abandoned embryos

The business of serving patients to accomplish their dreams of having babies is at risk. Fertility clinics in the country are struggling due to the increasing number of abandoned embryos. Many doctors in the country are facing a problem with what can be done with embryos cast aside by past patients. Florida based clinic of Dr. Craig has resulted in three thousand pregnancies. He said that the pregnancies have been highest in the 28 years of his career at present hundreds of embryos placed in a frozen condition of limbo. Embryos are abandoned in storage tanks by the in vitro fertilization(IVF).

This was due to patients left the treatment procedure halfway or walked away. The clinics are not ready for any of this, as stated by Dr. Craig. Many patients are worked with the team for months or years to conceive. Craig is one of the many fertility doctors in the country coping with such problem of what to do with embryos. This problem is an unexpected consequence of the advancement done in reproductive technology in recent years. The issue is producing concern amongst religious groups, bioethicists, counselors, and medical community. Dr. Craig said that 21% of their embryos in clinics had been abandoned. The reason for people opting to leave the embryos is either the patient already has a child or due to financial condition.

The storing fee for frozen embryos is typically around 500 to 1000 US Dollar per year depends upon the clinic. Since embryos are the eggs which have been fertilized with having the possibility for life, the problem arises over what should be done to those embryos and who should take ownership of the abandoned embryos. The managing society for fertility doctors ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) has put various documents signifying embryos should deserve respect. A veteran embryologist Dr. Christine Allen said there must be more rules and regulations on a couple to create several embryos.

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