Disqualified Heart Rate App Is Found Again in The iOS Store

The scam heart rate app appeared again in the AppStore with a new name. The original version of this app was removed before around eight months by Apple. The app mainly targets individuals having iPhones and touch ID. The app removed by Apple in November of last year. The app asks for a fingerprint to read the heartbeat of the user. However, through hidden content, it authorizes for in-app purchase by using a fingerprint. After opening an app, it lowers down display brightness to the minimum level, to hide the background in-app purchase request. The app asks to put a registered finger on touch ID for the measurement of the heartbeat of the user. After putting the finger on Touch ID, the app proceeds for an in-app purchase.

According to Mr. Dhuanny Almeida, the app is now available under the name – Pulse Heartbeat. Based on registration, its developer is BIZNES-PLAUVANNYA, PP. The recent scam by this app observed in Brazil, and the in-app purchase amount reached around 340 Brazilian Reais (US$ 85). Before this scam, the Portuguese speakers was on target of this app. In addition, this is not only the first case in case of iOS App Store and scam apps. According to one report published on 2nd August 2019, over 2,000 applications observed as a scam app, and out of these few are making hundreds of thousands of dollars. Two apps prepared by one Chinese group has made around US$ 400k in June only.

Many individuals are asking why Apple is allowing for these apps in the iOS store. Some are saying that Apple is providing permission to these apps to receive a 30% cut in the in-app purchase. However, this has been found illogical. The review process of the app is manual, which likely to human error. Also, the app developers initially submit a safe app for approval and post-approval they change app codes for scam purpose. There are many apps in the AppStore, which are at high risk and harmful for the users.

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David Christenson

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