A woman in Frenso got hospitalized after being infected with West Nile Virus

A woman in Fresno County got infected by Nile Virus through a mosquito bite. According to Thomas Hardwick, his wife Laura got infected after visiting Clovis where she got mosquito bites. After only a few days of visiting Clovis, Laura got sick. Now she is hospitalized at Clovis Community Medical Center. The victim is recovering, but she is very weak to walk and to feed herself. The Family said that the victim is recovering and she will be shortly moved to a rehab facility.

Thomas Hardwick, the husband of the victim said that only after a few days of visiting Clovis, the victim started showing symptoms such as being tired and fatigued all the time. The symptoms just progressed. Then after some days, she was hospitalized. There is no evidence of where the victim got infected. For the victim’s recovery, the family has started a GoFundMe.

The Public Health Department of Fresno County is warning people of Fresno County about the presence of West Nile Virus in mosquitoes around Fresno State. The district of Consolidated Mosquito Abatement says around 120 samples have resulted positive for West Nile Virus. Five other cases are showing symptoms but are waiting for test results. The suspected cases are from four zip codes of Fresno County. Public Health department said that the activity of west nile is unpredictable, which makes it tougher to treat. The district of Consolidated Mosquito Abatement says that it will take some time to test and confirm the virus. Under proper condition, the department will arrange a spray route. Trucks fixed with fogger which will spread it on an ultra-low volume of the insecticide. It produces a haze that would flow through the area, will contact the adult mosquitoes, and kill them. Public Health Department of Fresno County is suggesting people take precautions and protect themselves from mosquito bites. Precautions include applying DEET containing insect repellent, use lemon eucalyptus oil, and eliminating standing water sources.

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