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Public Transportation

Buses, trains, subways and ferries have something in common – they help us save energy.

Increased use of public transportation is the most effective way to reduce America’s energy consumption, without imposing new taxes, government mandates or regulations.

Each year, public transportation saves 1.500 million gallons in auto fuel consumption

For every 10,000 commuters who leave their cars at home and commute on an existing public transportation services for one year, the nation reduces fuel consumption by 2.7 million gallons.

Emissions from road vehicles are the larges contributors to smog. Over 200 million passenger cars and light trucks log almost 2 trillion miles on American roads every year. These vehicles account for about 50% of air pollution nation wide – even higher in polluted cities.

Full buses are 6 times more fuel efficient than cars with one occupant; full rail cars are 15 times more efficient.

Public transportation is also reducing the travel times for the 10 million Americans who use transit each working day, on every mode of travel.

So before hopping in your car, see if there are any public transportation options to get you where you’re going.


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