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Rug and Linen Recycling

Rug and Linen Recycling

In the episode "Point-Counter-Point" Rachelle and I debated what to do with an old rug. I refused to throw it out, but wasn't exactly sure how to recycle it. I thought maybe the fibers from it could be put with the gardening recycling, but wasn't exactly sure.

After that show many of you wrote in with a great tip for recycling fibers.

You can donate your used rugs, towels, sheets, blankets and other bedding to your local animal shelter or veterinarian. They can use these to pad cages, dry animals after washes, and clean up after messes.

The next time you're ready to get rid of some old sheets, check with your local animal centers to see if they are in need.

Thanks viewers for such a great tip!


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