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General House Stuff

I love having my house clean. In fact, I'd say that I was a Neat Freak. My biggest pet peeve when it comes to the house is the paint on the walls. I think they get dingy and banged up really quickly, and I wish that we could paint them much more often than we do.

I adore high thread-count sheets and towels. Since I spend hours each night sleeping on the sheets and using my towels, and I think they should be as soft as possible. I prefer to buy sheets and towels with at least a 350 thread count. On our bed we have a mattress made from organic cotton, which is obviously Ed's doing, but cotton sheets made of a high thread count so they're comfortable is all me!

I also enjoy soft lighting in my home. I think different types of lamps are a great detail to any room. Ed makes us use compact florescent bulbs, and some of them throw off the ugliest light. I had to search to find the brands and types that look good enough to have in my home. I ended up finding a few that work great, so believe me florescent lighting in your home doesn't have to be horrible!

When I decorate my home I try to make it personal and not look like it came straight out of a furniture catalogue. It doesn't take a lot of money to add your own personal touches. I like shopping at close-out stores and thrift markets to find unique items. I also have a lot of family and friends photos around to add to the mix.

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