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Home Gardening

If you have a piece of dirt to call your own, you can save money by having fresh organic produce much of the year in parts of the country.†

The key to growing your own garden in your yard is to choose plants suited to the site. Plants adapted to your climate and conditions are better able to grow without a lot of attention or input.†Check with your local garden center to see which plants work best for your yard.

Once youíve started, the benefits will be organic fruits, vegetables and herbs for you and your family.

Here are a few tips to keep your garden environment friendly:

- Invite a few weeds and insects into you garden. Think of your lawn as a small piece of nature where pests have their place. Often, nature provides its own pest control in the form of birds or other insects that feed on the insects we consider nuisances.

- Use manual tools. Tools that don't require electric or gasoline engines are especially handy for small yards or small jobs.

- Avoid wasting water by watering in the early morning or evening to keep the midday sun from drying it up.

- And donít water when itís windy to avoid evaporation.

- You can also collect rain water for later use in barrels.

And you can make compost and save a lot on fertilizer. Just combine a mixture of garden and kitchen waste, and even some shredded newspapers from time to time.

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