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Energy Efficient Washer and Dryer

Thereís a lot of electricity to be saved with some of the current clothes washer models, and lots of water.

Compared to a model manufactured before 1994, an energy efficient washer can use 50% less energy than a standard model.†It can also save you up to $110 per year in utility bills.

Most full-sized efficient washers use 18-25 gallons of water per load, compared to the 40 gallons used by a standard machine.

They also extract more water from clothes during the spin cycle. This reduces the drying time and saves energy along with the wear and tear on your clothes.

There are also energy efficient driers that have different features to use less energy.†

Some models use dual temperature heating elements; one element boosts heat to the temperature, then a lower element maintains it.

Other energy efficient features include moisture sensors, which monitor moisture and stop the cycle automatically when the load is dry.

If youíre not able to make the upgrade, there are still easy ways to save energy while getting your clothes clean.

Donít start a load of laundry until the washer is full.

Wash your clothes in cold water.†There are now detergents available to help keep your clothes just as clean as when washed with hot water.

And the best way to reduce electricity use when washing clothes is to not use a clothes drier at all. The use of outdoor clothes lines and indoor drying racks can remove half of the energy consumption.

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