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Double Pane Windows

Windows can be one of your home’s most attractive features. They provide views, ventilation, and solar heating in the winter. Unfortunately, they an also account for wasted energy and up to 25% of your heating bill.

If your home has single-pane windows, as almost half of US homes do, consider replacing them.

Or, if you are building a home, you can offset some of the cost of installing more efficient windows. The amount of energy you save with these windows allows you to buy smaller, less expensive heating and cooling equipment.

In colder climates, select windows that are glass filled with low emissivity coatings – called “e-coating” - on the glass to reduce heat loss.

In warmer climates, pick out windows that are spectrally selective coatings to reduce heat gain.

If you decide not to replace your windows, there are other ways to improve their performance.

In cold climates, close your curtains and shade at night, and open them during the day. Installing storm windows can also reduce your heat loss by up to 50%.

In warmer areas, install white windows coverings to reflect heat away from the house, and close south and west-facing curtains during the day.

By using current windows more efficiently or having newer models installed, your home will be more comfortable and earth friendly.

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