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Recycled Glass Countertops

My New Countertops

After the episode "Point-Counter-Point" aired a few weeks ago, I've been flooded with emails asking about our new kitchen countertops. A lot of you want to know more about them, and where they can find them.

The company that created the countertops made from recycled material is Vetrazzo. They take different materials to come up with various colors and designs. They use anything from broken glass thrown out in recycling bins to used traffic lights. I think it's a creative way to take objects that most would consider trash and turn it into something functional and beautiful.

The top that Rachelle and I ended up choosing is called "Hollywood Sage" and is made from broken up soda bottles. There are over 1,000 bottles used just to make the countertop for our small kitchen.

If you want more information about having these types of countertops installed into your home, go to this website:

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