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Air Purifiers

Sometimes when we are thinking ‘green’ we think about the outside environment. Don’t forget to do something about your ‘inner environment’ too. If you think the outside air can be pretty filthy, it is nothing compared to our inside air which tests have shown can be as many as 4 to 8 times more polluted than the outside air. This is due in part to a normal household being filled with household chemicals, non-circulating air, dust mites and pet dander, cooking oils, common molds (including airborne bacteria) and viruses - a virtual army of pollutants assailing our lungs, sinuses and personal health.

By purifying the air we breathe indoors (similar to the purified water we drink), we can minimize the chemical products we spray into the air and environment to combat both germs and toxic odors, thus improving the environment both inside and out.

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