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Energy Saving Thermostats

Thermostats are great for keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, but what about when youíre not there? A programmable thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature of your house, allowing you to save energy while youíre away. After being pre-programmed, the thermostat can automatically adjust to shut off or lower when you leave for work. But youíll never notice the difference because by the time you step in the door that evening, it can already have your home back to your desired temperature.

Another great time to adjust your temperature is at night while asleep. When youíre under all those blankets, the thermostat can switch to a lower setting until the morning.

And donít worry about being uncomfortable on Saturday and Sunday, most models allow you to program different settings for the weekends.

An energy saving thermostat can costs about $100, but itís a sound investment. With the pre-programmed settings, the average home saves about $100 a year in energy costs, so this home improvement pays for itself.

If youíre unable to upgrade to the programmable thermostat, you can still save energy with your old model. Manually setting your thermostat back 5-8 degrees while youíre away for several hours, can reduce the energy your home uses and the size of your monthly bill.

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