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Hair & Make Up

I love make-up. Eyeshadows, mascaras, lipsticks - all of it. I think putting on make-up is an art of its own. You can just go into your bathroom, stand in front of a mirror and create a look just based on your make-up. It can be more dramatic than any clothes you wear. I love trying different products and creating new looks.

I do have to be careful not to upset my skin with all the different types of make-up I try. Using skin sensitive make-up, along with cleansers and moisturizers, keep my skin looking its best. I also put a lot of time and money into my skin. I think of it as another way of keeping my body healthy.

I also love to get my hair done. I go to a professional hair dresser in Los Angeles. She's quite famous, and works for a bunch of Hollywood celebrities. Getting my hair done from someone so well known is very pricey. In order to afford this luxury, I trade the hair dresser Pilates lessons for hair care. It's a great deal that keeps us both looking great.

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