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Clothing & Shoes

I love clothes and shoes. I think I'm actually a borderline shopaholic.

When it comes to clothes I prefer to be comfortable and casual. Usually, I dress ready-to-workout. Most of my day-to-day clothes I can wear to yoga or a dance class.

Every once in a while I do like to leave my exercise outfits at home and dress it up a little. Ed and I go out several nights a week, and that's when I put on something a little more elegant. Even then, I have to be able to move comfortably in it. There's nothing worse than wearing a nice dress and then tugging at the strap all night.

The most important thing about all my clothes is that they fit. I don't bother with styles that are in fashion if they don't work for my body type. What's the point of looking trendy if it makes you look terrible?

There was a time when I fit into a size 14 and my clothing options were more limited. One of the motivations for me to stay in shape is so I have more clothing options. But no matter what size you are, make sure what you wear is the best for your body shape.

The same thing goes for what colors I wear. I really like pink and baby blue because they go well with my skin and eyes. You should always try to wear colors that bring out your best features. And most people look good in black, so it's a great option, too. If not, try navy or grey!

I love shopping for shoes, but I don't really like to wear high heels. I have a few pairs for special events, but for the most part I keep to flats.

Just like my clothes, my shoes have to be comfortable, so heels usually don't fit in to that category. Plus, I'm already tall enough and don't really need the extra height.

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