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Jay and the Big House 

Though Rachelle knows Ed loves his eco-friendly home, she longs to move into a spacious place - or at least one with more closet space. She tries to warm Ed up to the idea, but he ignores the subject and focuses on installing more solar lights to the yard.

Ed then goes to speak where few environmentalists go - a car show. Ed talks to the press - along with SUV and hot rod fans - about the new Phoenix Motorcarsí fully Electric S.U.T. ( Though Ed loves speaking at environmental gatherings, he likes to reach the unconverted too.

While Ed is there, he gathers quite the crowd and happily explains all the advancements of Phoenix Motorcars and other electronic vehicles have achieved over the years.

While Ed is out, Rachelle meets with a real estate agent to look at a much larger house. She gasps at how much space there is in this typical Hollywood home, and tries to find some - if any - energy efficient details about it.

Ed leaves the auto show, and heads over in his Phoenix Motorcar ( to his old pal Jay Leno's garage. Jay is known for his rare car collection and love of automobile engineering. Jay - knowing Ed's interest in the environment - shows off his cars that run on alternative energy.

Ed marvels over the Owen Magnetic which, as Jay explains, is a 1916 version of a hybrid car that has a gas engine and an electric motor. The two then go for a ride in a Baker Electric car that was built in 1909.

Rachelle continues her tour of the dream home, which includes an ocean view and a pool. The walk-in closets alone are the size of Rachelle's current bedroom! She's falling in love and tries to figure out where she can add solar panels to the roof to make the house more Ed-friendly. In the end, she knows that he won't go for the idea and decides not to tell Ed about her house shopping.

Back at the garage, Jay tells Ed that he's adding solar panels to the roof. He wants to show that you can be environmentally conscious and still be an auto enthusiast. Ed can't wait to see Jay go off the grid.

The next day, Ed finds in the recycling bin a flyer for an open house and a real estate agent's card. He's hurt by Rachelle secretly seeing other homes, but decides to keep quiet for now.



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