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Ed’s had a busy year, and declares that he's not going anywhere for his vacation. Instead he plans to take a luxurious "staycation" at home on the couch. Knowing Ed’s restless nature, Rachelle is highly skeptical, and points out that Ed never stands still for a second, to which Ed guarantees that he’s actually going to get all the things done around the house he’s been promising. Then the phone rings, and it’s Ed’s oily booking agent, Kevin, who has been practically stalking him for weeks. Once cornered, Ed begins promising one thing after another to help the community.

The next thing you know Ed is planting trees at an Elementary school in Compton, and giving speeches to anyone who will listen. Rachelle is stuck doing the “honey do” list she made for Ed herself, which includes painting their bedroom with the eco-friendly paint that Ed demanded. Rachelle schedules Ed for even more commitments just to teach him a lesson for trying to plan a staycation in the first place.

For that, Ed drags Rachelle along with him to see the greenest high school in the country, and to an algae farm near the Mexican border. Once all the various community obligations are taken care of, Rachelle brings Ed what’s left of the “honey do” list he promised. Come to find out, Ed is quite capable of saying “no” as long as it’s Rachelle who’s doing the asking.



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