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Off the Grid, On the Hook 

Rachelle begs Ed to attend an eco-gifting suite with her in order to harness his green star power to get free stuff. Ed will have none of it, and declares green gifting events to be wasteful green-washing, before dropping Rachelle off by herself. Sure enough, Rachelle didn’t make a big haul in the gift department, and she blames Ed for it.

In light of this, Ed decides to take Rachelle on a tour of a huge recycling facility so she can see where all that junk ends up. Experiencing massive amounts of raw waste has an effect on Rachelle: she becomes ill.

Back home Ed gets a post card from Three Rivers, an off-the-grid community in Oregon, and makes a spur of the moment decision to escape the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, while Rachelle stays home and repaints their bedroom with eco-friendly paint.

The minute Ed arrives in Oregon, he falls in love with the place, a quiet, beautiful community nestled in high-desert. Ed talks to some local realtors, grabs his cell and demands Rachelle fly up and see their new retirement home.

Rachelle isn’t sold on moving so far away from civilization, and a big argument breaks out as soon as they get out of earshot of the realtors. Back in LA the argument continues, and Ed even doubles down by making an offer on a house in Three Rivers. Eventually, the Begley’s come to their senses, and realize that they would rather confront the world in the house they’ve spent so many years making eco-friendly.



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