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Love, Peace and Perry 

Ed and Rachelle both see the need for a new couch in their den, but the agreement stops there, and the rest is bickering. Ed concedes it’s best to let Rachelle handle it, as long as she accepts his condition that the new couch must be made of eco-friendly materials.

Ed goes to the Water Woman Festival to give a speech and ends up communing with some hippies in the desert for a couple days. He takes part in a religious ceremony for the construction of a temple, and helps make mud huts out of an ancient building material called “cob,” which involves stomping mud in bare feet.

Meanwhile, Rachelle is stuck at home with Perry, a visiting overzealous entrepreneur who is pitching a lot of green product ideas that aren’t quite catching on. When Ed returns, he helps evaluate Perry’s star product, a sleeved blanket that is exactly like a product already seen 24 hours a day on infomercials. Ed puts on a prototype for the “eco cuddly” made of hemp and likes it, but after 20 seconds changes his mind because it itches like crazy.

Later, Ed and Rachelle relax on an eco-friendly couch Rachelle bought from Cisco, a builder of ecological furniture, while wearing a couple’s version of Perry’s eco cuddly and surfing cable TV.



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