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Southern belles Rachelle and her friend Savannah are aghast at the vulgarian table manners displayed by Ed and Hayden at dinnertime, and something must be done before Hayden models her lifetime habits on her father. They decide there must be a manners intervention to save Hayden.

Rachelle brings in a manners expert to teach Ed to be more proper, and the woman has her hands full. Sir Begley successfully endures one lesson in etiquette, or at least pretends to listen long enough to finish eating. The next day Rachelle catches Ed eating over the kitchen sink and they strike a deal: Ed will help teach Hayden some manners if Rachelle learns to cook a meal for the family.

Meanwhile, Ed is on another environmental kick, and is upgrading all the lights in the Begley household to LED, the latest in high tech home lighting that conserves energy and lasts longer than any light bulb yet invented. Ed is bequeaths his old compact fluorescents to his green nemesis Bill Nye, who accepts them with suspicion.

Rachelle hires a chef to teach her to cook a fabulous vegan meal, but he ends up doing most of the cooking while Rachelle cleans the mushrooms. The meal is spectacular, but Ed is fussy, and forgets his pledge to teach Hayden manners. But, it wasn’t all for naught, as Hayden claims she actually did learn better manners, unlike her dad.



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