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Upon finishing his second book, “Ed Begley’s Guide to Sustainable Living,” (Click to purchase). Ed schedules a promotional tour to his old stomping ground, New York City. This time Ed’s puts his foot down, and makes it clear that New York is a business trip, and Rachelle will be staying home. Of course, Rachelle figures out a way to tag along.

Upon arriving in their Manhattan hotel, insanity ensues when Ed pulls out his “eco survival kit,” a metal briefcase containing a low-flow showerhead, a non-plastic water container, and three sizes of compact fluorescent light bulbs. Rachelle is dumbfounded, and sees this as a clear sign of Ed’s eco-insanity. Out on the sidewalks of New York City, the Begley’s do a bit of sightseeing, but, what Rachelle expected to be a leisurely stroll, Ed has turned into a power-walking competition.

Ed heads off to promote his book when he notices Rachelle scribbling on a note pad, which she reveals is the beginnings of HER book, to which Ed wisely withholds comment. Ed bypasses a waiting limousine someone mistakenly ordered him, and takes a ten-block walk to his interview on Good Morning America, which Rachelle mocks from bed back in the hotel room. Rachelle goes to a reflecting pond in Central Park to continue working on her book, and also to continue mocking Ed’s radio interview that she’s monitoring with her ipod.

Rachelle tries for a romantic trip through Central Park with Ed, but Ed dodges a pedicab ride for exercise, and a horse carriage ride to avoid cruelty to animals. Rachelle goes it alone in the horse carriage while mocking Ed as he walks alongside. Finally, the Begley’s take a tour of the greenest show on Broadway, Wicked, and Rachelle gets to live her dream of singing on the Broadway stage – with no audience, but, that’s close enough for Rachelle. Finally, Rachelle goes to Ed’s book signing at the Strand Bookstore because Ed asked her, and then he makes fun of her falling asleep in the audience.



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