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Ed's Big Birthday Bash 

Ed plans to take it easy for his sixtieth birthday and, despite much prodding from Rachelle, she can only get him to commit to roller skating with the family on the big day. However, while Ed is on the road, Rachelle plans a big surprise party with 300 of the Begley's closest friends.

A brand new wind turbine arrives, and Ed is just giddy about it, but he wants to be sure it doesnít kill any birds or squirrels before putting on his roof. Ken Johnson from Enviro Energies, (, one of the worldís foremost wind power companies, assures Ed that this kind of turbine turns slowly and wonít harm birds like earlier models, which puts Edís mind at ease. These state-of-the-art turbines manage to be quieter, safer, and generate more power than older turbines. Ed gets so excited he decides to stop by Jay Leno's garage to show off his massive turbine. After Ed brags a bit, and lets Jay get a good look at his car-sized turbine, Jay escorts Ed over to a school-bus-sized monstrosity thatís being installed on Jayís garage, and scores a hot date right in front of Ed.

Meanwhile, Rachelle tries to learn how to skate, and itís not going very well, but she has plenty of other things to do to get ready for Edís surprise party. She meets with professional ďcake artistsĒ who plan a birthday cake shaped exactly like Ed that includes miniature wind turbines so Ed will be interested in it. One of the advantages of hiring cake artists is all the cake samples they offer, and Rachelle and Hayden gorge themselves with so many different kinds of cake that it's impossible to decide which is the most delicious so, of course, they try more samples. Next up, Rachelle invites a caterer to discuss birthday food for Ed, who is a vegan, and discovers that vegan taste testing is not nearly as fun as cake tasting.

The Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, happens to be one of Ed's old showbiz friends, and Ed introduces him at a climate conference with a few jokes. Ed unexpectedly gets honored with an environmental award himself, along with an impromptu roast from the Governator. Ed then stops by the American Lung Association for a pep talk on air quality in Los Angeles, and gets to practice a little stand up comedy in the process.

Ed arrives at the skating rink ready to skate with the family, but considers canceling after seeing the packed parking lot. Once Rachelle coaxes him inside, Ed encounters a huge star-studded party in his honor. Many of Edís old friends wish him a happy birthday for the camera, and poke fun at him, including: character actor Jack McGee, comedienne Paula Poundstone actors Jeff Garlin and Edward James Olmos, rock star Jackson Browne, actress Helen Hunt, comedian Fred Willard, and model Cheryl Tiegs. Ed even gets to skate with his lovely wife, although, since Rachelle never quite learned how to skate she runs along side and keeps up as best she can. After all the speeches and delicious vegan food and cake, Ed declares that his sixtieth birthday is the best birthday ever.



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