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Veto Power 

Ed confronts Rachelle about her water usage with his brand new web-based monitoring system ( or ( busts her with the facts: a 31-minute shower and a hundred and eighty gallons of water down the drain. But, Rachelle, even when confronted with the damning facts, refuses to come clean.

Since Rachelle won't heed his calls to conserve water, Ed decides to curb water usage at the Begley household by installing a gray water system, which filters sink and shower water for reuse in his garden ( Rachelle isnít amused when Ed jokes around that the giant gray water tank counts as a swimming pool. During excavation for the gray water system, Rachelle figures she might be able to get a swimming pool dug without Ed noticing, but Ed crashes the survey with Aaron, the guy from the pool company. Aaron makes a great case for eco-friendly pool technology, but Ed declares that a pool would steal space from his vegetable crops, waste even more water than Rachelle's showers, and vows never to have a pool while he's still alive.

Ed shows off his fancy gray water system to his old pal, actor Jack McGee, who tests it by adding some wastewater to the system himself. After being denied a swimming pool for the umpteenth time, and feeling a bit down because no one remembers her birthday, Rachelle escapes to an eco-salon with her gal pals for some pampering, and gets a boost when they all go in on a cake for her. Ed continues his role as Water Cop by showing Hayden how to raise money for charity with a water-free car wash ( The kids raise a bundle using a new car washing system that uses minimal water and gets cars shiny clean, and Ed gets a chance to reminisce about how great it was before the Industrial Revolution when there were child labor laws.

With a tip from Hayden, Ed looks into getting Rachelle a birthday present that sheís been wanting for a long time, a water ionizer that purifies and pH balances tap water for optimal health benefits ( Edís skeptical of anything Rachelle is excited about, but after a taste test he admits that the ionized water is delicious, and actually becomes enthusiastic about the science behind it. Rachelle returns home from the spa to a birthday surprise - a pool so small it's a joke. Rachelle soaks her feet in the kiddie pool and drinks fancy water from the ionizer, and takes consolation in Ed remembering her birthday, even if it did take Hayden to remind him.



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