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Ed's Perfect Birthday 

In honor of Edís birthday, he brews up a ľ caffeinated organic pot of coffee and dreams about the perfect way to celebrate Ė making a vegan dinner for his family at home. Ed knows that Rachelle probably wants to go out to some fancy restaurant, but he convinces her to let them stay in so Ed can cook with his solar oven.

Since itís Edís big day, Rachelle makes the mistake of agreeing to do whatever he wants that morning and ends up on a hike. Edís speed on the trails makes this trip feel like a forced march for Rachelle. She convinces

Ed to turn back early, which gives her more time to work on Edís surprise gift.

Back at the house, Ed creates the menu for the nightís feast and makes a list of ingredients heíll need from the store. Rather than taking the electric car or hybrid, Ed opts for his favorite mode of transportation Ė walking - to get his groceries.

Ed cooks his favorite lentil soup in the solar oven. And for the first time, Ed tries his hand at baking, but decides to skip the normal birthday cake and cook tofu brownies instead.

On the other side of town, Rachelle visits a bike shop and find the perfect birthday present for Ed Ė an iZip hybrid electric bicycle. It combines the two things he loves Ė electric motors and bikes! The iZip will allow Ed to pedal like a normal bike, but includes a motor that you can rev when he need a little extra push on high hills and long trips. Itís the perfect gift for Ed who loves to take his bike around town.

The family gathers for Edís birthday dinner. He serves the vegan lentil soup, and even Rachelle enjoys it. Then Ed serves his tofu brownies. He and Hayden love them, but Rachelle has to fake her enthusiasm as she tries to finish her first Ė and only Ė bite.

With dinner over, Rachelle and Hayden guide Ed to the garage for his birthday surprise. They show him his new iZip bike, and Ed is ecstatic and immediately starts speculating about the technical details of how the motor works. The new gift inspires Ed to get the whole family on bikes and go for a ride around the neighborhood.

With a hiking trip AND bike ride on the same day, Rachelle is thankful that Edís birthday is only once a year.

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