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Gambling on Green 

Rachelle overhears a phone message about Edís trip to Las Vegas, and suddenly finds new interest in her husbandís lecturing. Sheís heard Edís speeches on the road a thousand times, but Las Vegas offers a chance for excitement in her overly green marriage, so she runs to Edís man cave to convince him to bring her along. But, thereís one problem: Ed is driving to Vegas, and Rachelle has learned that when the Begleyís get cooped up in a car for more than a couple hours all hell breaks loose. So, in typical Begley style, Rachelle takes a jumbo jet to Vegas, while Ed makes the drive in a hybrid with her fourteen bags in the trunk.

Things get off to a bad start when they arrive to a lavish hotel room fit for a king, and Rachelle, but entirely unfit for Ed Begley due to its massive carbon footprint. Ed takes one look at the room and makes a U-turn to a far more modest room downstairs. Rachelle considers staying in the suite all by herself, because itís fantastic, and free, but, since it would put a strain the marriage, she grudgingly accepts the smaller room. Back in the dinky room, the Begleyís argue over who gets the nicest pillows, which leads to a fight that ends with Ed putting a newspaper in front of the camera. What happens after that probably couldnít have been shown on family television anyway.

Ed is off to give a speech at a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new solar site, while Rachelle decides itís time to try her luck at gambling. Rachelle figures out how to feed money into a slot machine, but with so many lights flashing, has trouble figuring out whether she is actually winning money. Meanwhile, Ed experiences Begley Mania when he runs into a fan with pictures of him and his dad pasted all over her body.

Rachelle quickly runs through her allotted gambling money, and must now accompany Ed to something heís interested in. Leave it to Ed to find the greenest thing to do in Vegas: the Springs Preserve ( , an interactive gallery, playground and eco-museum. They meet Jeff, the architect who created the preserve, and discuss one of Edís favorite topics, waste management, while Rachelle practices rolling her eyes.

Before going home, the Begleyís happen by the chapel where they were married almost a decade ago, and itís still located directly across from an adult book store. Ed shocks and delights Rachelle by asking her to join him in renewing their vows. Rachelle actually gets in a wedding dress, and besides Ed complaining that he doesnít have cue cards, it ends up being a wonderfully romantic trip.



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