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Ed takes Hayden on a bike ride and wishes out loud that Rachelle had gone along with them, to which Hayden reasonably replies, “Mom’s not a bike riding girl.” The same goes for Ed’s other idea, roller-skating. Ed continues exploring ideas for a family outing, and finally asks Hayden what she would like to do. Hayden decides that camping might be fun, although she realistically suspects her mom is not a camping enthusiast either. Camping it is, and Ed and Hayden make a pact to somehow coax Rachelle into going along with a family camping trip. After some wrangling, and a presentation with brochures, Rachelle relents to one night, and one only, in the wilderness. Of course, Rachelle uses the camping trip as an excuse to go shopping, and buy all kinds of shiny fashionable equipment she’ll never use.

After a requisite argument over how much stuff they need to take with them, the Begley’s finally get on the road for a 35-mile trip North, with plenty of time for another argument or two on their way to the campsite. The “wilderness” ends up being a tiny graffiti covered patch of dirt a half-mile from the freeway that looks far different than the brochures Ed used to sell everyone on the place. Rachelle does her best to convince the family to turn it around and go home, but is outnumbered, so she makes an effort to think positively, despite being surrounded by cigarette butts and traffic noise. To make things even less like a camping, Ed substitutes a roaring campfire with a wind up LED lantern to avoid creating pollution, or any sense of warmth and fellowship.

The next morning Rachelle’s spirits are a little better after some meditation, while Ed becomes helpless without his email and cell phone. On the ride back home they all decide that camping was indeed a good time, but when they arrive there is a race to the shower. Finally, after some prodding from Ed, Rachelle actually says it might be nice to go camping again sometime, in theory, or course.



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