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For Better or Worse 

Rachelle can’t remember her and Ed’s wedding anniversary, which, Ed points out, is a strange role reversal. This anniversary, Ed has something wonderful (in his mind) planned for their special day: taking Rachelle to a dairy farm in central California – a farm that turns cow manure into methane that makes electricity. Needless to say, Rachelle expects that Ed has something far more romantic in mind, such as a picturesque inn in a sleepy town. Ed decides to keep his crappy idea a surprise, while they argue over what they did to celebrate last year.

Ed explains that he and Rachelle’s tense situation stems from their offices being right next to each other. Today’s argument begins over envelopes, which, of course, escalates to a blowout over who has more junk in the Begley home. Ed claims Rachelle is the packrat, and sets out to weigh or measure the junk to prove his point, which he never gets around to. As usual, their bickering gets heated, prompting Ed to take a drive to clear his mind.

The big anniversary trip commences, which leads to a rift over Rachelle’s frequent bathroom breaks and Ed’s slow driving. Rachelle pesters Ed until he can’t keep a secret any longer, and lets out the big surprise anniversary destination. Rachelle freaks out, being none too happy to have ridden for five hours to a methane plant, and numerous “F” bombs get dropped.

Rachelle regains her composure, and the methane plant ends up being not as bad as she expected – it’s worse. She’s bowled over by the smell from the get go, but Rachelle grins and bears it as best she can. Ed finds a perfectly romantic place to renew his vows with Rachelle, a giant tarp covering a lake of cow dung. Ed bends on one knee and expresses his undying love, and Rachelle is so touched she smacks him in the head.

Once the manure tour is over, Rachelle decides it would be better if she flew home so she doesn’t end up killing Ed on the trip back. Ed drives it alone, but they do have a nice phone conversation on the road to patch things up.

Back home Ed actually gets around to measuring the junk in the Begley household, and realizes that a lot of the junk belongs to him, and he has too much sentimental value attached to it to throw it all away, and he endeavors to do something to solve the space problems.

Ed apologizes for his unromantic anniversary idea, and hatches his plan to expand Rachelle’s pilates studio into a new office space for himself. Rachelle goes along with it, but she’s plotting to get back at him somehow for taking away her pilates studio.



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