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Water and the Wardrobe 

Ed converts the space above his garage into a new office, jettisoning Rachelle’s pilates studio in the process. The construction requires Ed to climb a ladder to get into his office while the deck sealer dries, something he does, to his chagrin, for days even when he doesn’t have to. Eco-builder, Darren (, uses all environmentally friendly materials to do the remodel, and recycles 90% the materials left over from Ed’s garage.

Ed discovers, to his sheer horror, that Rachelle is hoarding dozens of environmentally unfriendly plastic water bottles in their kitchen cupboard. Ed agrees to buy Rachelle a fancy water filtration system ( to stop her from using plastic bottles, which was all according to her devious plan in the first place.

Rachelle does her best to entice Ed to go to the Eco-stiletto ball, ( a charity fashion event, so she can use Ed’s eco-star power to get free stuff. Ed dodges it as best he can by claiming he has a busy schedule and aversion to fancy dress events.

Ed and Darren do a ten-mile bike ride to see the recycled old boards from Ed’s garage being put to new use at a vegetarian restaurant. Ed gets a bit of a challenge trying to keep up with Darren, who is half his age, but Darren also reveals that he didn’t have an easy time staying ahead of Ed. They have kale, beans and rice and discuss the new water filtration system Ed is installing for Rachelle.

Once the water filtration system is installed, Ed tries some and it passes the taste test with flying colors. Meanwhile, Rachelle is forced to go it alone shopping for eco dresses for the big ball. She ends up finding dresses that are beautiful, dyed with vegetable dyes, and help support villages in the third world. They are not only beautiful and eco-friendly, they are “wearable pieces of art…”

Ed is bragging about his new water filtration system to his jealous neighbor, Bill Nye, when Rachelle shows up all dolled up in her eco-dress. Bill has a hard time keeping his tongue in his mouth, while Ed regrets not going to the ball to show off his beautiful wife.

Rachelle has a grand time at the Eco ball. Darren shows up unexpectedly, and ends up being Rachelle’s personal valet for the evening, keeping track of her favorite things: free things. When Rachelle arrives home, Ed is waiting for her with some champagne glasses of her favorite filtered water. The Begley’s retire to their new guest room for a romantic retreat.



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