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Jay and the Green House 

Today on Living with Ed, Jay Leno invites Bill Nye and Ed over to his garage for a special surprise. Before that Ed and Rachelle make their way down to Venice Beach California to witness the start and finish of a very green makeover.

Ed and Rachelle have gotten word that Paul and Hala are deciding to completely gut their house and re build it with all sustainable materials. The girl who is in charge of this massive project is Denise Shaw. Denise the designer, Paul and Hala the homeowners are in desperate need of advice on what they should do. Who know better to ask, than Mr. Ed Begley Jr. himself.

Ed and Rachelle walk into this home and see that it is completely empty. There are no walls, broken windows, and no kitchen. Ed and Rachelle are in shock, and also excited for Paul and Hala because they get to start from scratch. Ed gives suggestions like double pain windows, solar tubes, or even denim jean insulation.

From eco friendly flooring to glass bottle counter tops, Paul and Hala are getting it all. They even plan on getting all energy star appliances for the kitchen, and getting all reclaimed furniture.

While the transformation is taking place at the Venice house, Ed and Bill Nye get an invitation to Jay Leno’s garage to check out his new solar panels. Ed and Bill Nye as we all know have a very competitive way with each other, so while Ed was getting his I ZIP ( bike ready to go Bill Nye was peddling quick down to Ed’s so they wouldn’t be late. When Bill saw Ed’s bike he couldn’t believe that Ed needs the extra assisted battery power to give him a boost in his biking skills.

As they arrive to Jay Leno’s garage, they notice a rather large scissor lift. Ed and Bill can only imagine what they are going to be doing with that. Jay’s big surprise is out, he has a whole rooftop full of solar panels, beating Ed’s solar panel power by nine times! Bill and Ed are realizing just how much of a hobbyist Jay Leno actually is. While Ed is gone Rachelle has decided to challenge herself with putting together a little present for Ed. Rachelle is determined to put together a mini weather station for Ed. Rachelle completes her project and soon ends up surprising Ed with it. Ed just loves the fact that Rachelle is making an effort in making him happy, and that she did!

Ed and Rachelle venture back over to Paul and Hala’s home to see the final project. Walking through the front door they noticed that the house is different in many ways. It was a huge transformation that is just amazing. They even got a Home Water Filtration System ( installed so they can drink their water straight from the tap. Like Rachelle said “it’s now a beautiful home for a beautiful family” Paul and Hala finally have the green home they have always wanted, and Ed and Rachelle have completed yet another mission in giving some great green advice.



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