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Sound Advice 

Today on Living with Ed, Ed and Rachelle head over to their friend Beverly De Angelo’s home to give her some sound advice. Before that Rachelle has Cynthia Kiktavi stop by to talk about getting some fake grass for their backyard. Meanwhile, Ed heads over to his Studio City neighbor Cathy’s house to see the new grey water system getting installed.

Ed has gotten word that his neighbor is getting a new greywater system installed at her home; he wanted to stop by to check it out. Steve Bilson from Rewater ( is the main man for this project. Greywater is water from your dishwasher, water from your sink, and water from your washing machine that is processed though a filter and then can be used to water your lawn and other things that need watering. Steven takes Ed around the whole system, showing him just exactly how it works.

After Cathy’s home, Ed and Rachelle ventured over to Beverly D’angelo’s home to help put a damper on Beverly’s sound issues. Ed knows just the man to send over to Beverly’s home. Lee Brenner from Bay Area Noise Control & Insulation ( comes over and explains to her the many kinds of sound issues she is having and what she can do to help prevent the loud noise she is hearing.

Beverly plans on making her home an urban oasis. She wants it completely one hundred percent sound proof, inside and out. Ed also recommend his friends over at BioBased Insulation to come over and insulate Beverly’s attic, not only will it be sound proofed but it will also be very efficient. After the visit with Beverly, she became clearer on how to solve her sound issues, and is going to take action right away on getting rid of that noise!

Next up Rachelle finds something she knows Ed will just fall in love with. First she is going to have to explain to him that there is no water involved and the process of putting it in is quite simple. Rachelle has found a company that installs fake grass. Cynthia Kiktavi is the owner of the company called AGL Grass ( that came and installed this lovely fake grass. Rachelle was mind blown at how real the grass actually looks and just can’t wait to have Ed see it. Ed comes outside and even says he would be a liar if he didn’t say he was impressed, so impressed that he just had to set his good old solar oven right in the middle of the grass.



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