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Rachelle is heading down a new path with her many talents. Today Rachelle is designing her friend Renee’s skin spa, and taking a chance at painting her very own bathroom. While all this is going on, Ed takes a trip over to his dear friend Sophie B. Hawkins’ home to see new green plans she has in mind.

Janis Fiskin comes over to the Begleys to guide Rachelle in what kind of paint and colors she should use to paint Renee’s skin spa. Not only did Janis come over to help Rachelle with Renee’s spa ( , but she also turned Rachelle on to painting her own home. Janis and Rachelle even go as far as wanting to paint Ed’s office. Ed will not stand for that.

Now that Rachelle has all her paint colors picked out for her home and Renee’s spa she is going to grab the bull by the horns and take on these two massive projects. Ed on the other hand is going over to Sophie B. Hawkins’ home to help her in her decisions in making a green barn. Sophie and her business partner have decided they want to build a living barn out of all green materials. Ed explains they may want to keep passive solar and wind power in mind. After the help Ed gives Sophie and Gigi, he decides to borrow Sophie’s bike and peddle his way home.

Over at Renee’s skin spa, Rachelle is going over what she plans on doing with the spa. Rachelle has John from Zola Furnishing ( come over to deliver a couch and table set made out of all organic materials. John’s company is all about sustainability and style; this is right up Rachelle’s alley!

Days later Rachelle completes designing the spa; Renee is in for a surprise! Renee is in complete shock and just loves the work Rachelle has done. This gives Rachelle more of an incentive to go home and paint the house. She starts with the bathroom and sees that painting isn’t so easy after all; she will not give up! Rachelle finishes painting the bathroom, and is very pleased. Ed knows he should give Rachelle the credit she is due with the work she’s done in the bathroom and spa, but he continues to feel tragedy in the horizon.



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