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Helen Hunt Gets a Green Audit 

Today on Living With Ed, Helen Hunt a friend of Ed and Rachelle is getting a green audit on her home. Meanwhile Dan and Maya Sharp build an eco friendly bedroom. What a day it is going to be for the Begleys!

First stop, Dan and Maya Sharpís home. Dan and Maya have a very green home that is about to become even greener. From solar panels to self-made bio diesel gas, Dan and Maya take the Begleys around their home showing all of their green esthetics. They also clue the Begleys in on what they are planning to do with their bedroom.

The Sharps are planning on making a very green sustainable bedroom. Shayna Prunier from Low Impact Living ( is the greenest interior designer around. Shayna has come to help the Sharps design their bedroom with all green materials. They look at all types of green flooring and decide on the bamboo. Shayna has 360 Interchange ( come out to install bamboo flooring in the Sharpís home. Not only did Dan and Maya get bamboo flooring, they also got all of their furniture in the bedroom made out of reclaimed wood.

While the girls go over the design of the bedroom, Dan takes Ed outside to show him his very own bio diesel gas he makes on his own. Dan also shows Ed his rain barrel and his solar panels. Ed is thrilled to see all of the green esthetics the Sharps have, but even more eager to see the sustainable bedroom in its completion.

The bedroom is finally finished, and the Begleys are in shock with how big of a flip the bedroom has actually made. Now everything in the Sharpís bedroom is made up of all sustainable materials. Dan, Maya and Shayna put all the hard work to rest and smile with excitement; completion is finally here!

Soon after, the Begleys left the newly remodeled green bedroom, they head over to the all-time famous actress Helen Huntís home. Helen is a very good friend of Ed and Rachelle, and she has come to Ed in desperate need of figuring out how much energy she is using in her home. Ed knows just the man for the job, Jason Pelletier. Jason, from Low Impact Living ( be doing the green audit on Helenís home.

After Jason completes the green audit, he passes the information off to Ed, so he and Rachelle can go bare the news to Helen. Helen never realized how much energy she was actually using, and is open to Ed helping her solve her energy-use problem. Ed brings over a goodie bag full of things that just might help Helenís energy bill drop, but it is up to Helen to give his ideaís a go



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