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Bill and Mario’s Makeovers 

It’s time for Ed to try and please Rachelle with not only a brand new Herman Miller- Mirra Chair, but he also surprises her with a new Dyson Hand Dryer to install in their bathroom. After all the surprises, Ed heads over to Mario Van Peebles home while Hayden and Rachelle head over to Bill Nye’s home to see his new garden.

Ed has gone above and beyond with research on the new Dyson hand dryer for the bathroom ( In Ed’s eyes this is the perfect way to save water; no more having to wash hand towels or waste paper towels. Now all Ed has to do is push Rachelle into keeping it in the bathroom. Rachelle refuses to let the hand dryer stand a chance in the bathroom and takes it out. Somehow the hand dryer mysteriously gets put back in the bathroom without Rachelle knowing.

Ed has decided to venture over to his friend Mario Van Peebles’ home for a greener look at being green. Ed always enjoys going over to a good friend’s home to see how efficient they are. In Mario’s home he has bamboo flooring, solar tubes, self-made fans made out of recycled materials and so much more! Ed is blown away with how much effort and time Mario has but into being green. Like Ed says, “Mario truly is his Peebles!”

While Ed is gone at Mario Van Peebles’ home, Rachelle and Hayden go down to Bill Nye’s to see his new garden. From fresh tomatoes to pumpkins, Bill Nye has by far over-passed Ed’s garden. This only gives Bill more of an incentive to do more! Rachelle and Hayden are shocked with how nice his garden actually looks. They’re even more awed by his new outdoor dining area. Ed presumes the reason Bill has this new garden is to reel in the new single neighbors that live around him; Bill doesn’t seem to deny that.

After a long day with Mario Van Peebles and a long day with Bill Nye, Ed, Rachelle and Hayden all head home for yet another surprise! Ed has a present for Rachelle…and she has no clue! Ed got Rachelle a brand new Herman Miller- Mirra Chair ( This chair is the same chair Bradley Whitford got Ed. Ed has gotten Rachelle this chair because he’s sick and tired of her stealing his.



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