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Bruce Beautifies the Begleys 

Today on Living with Ed, Bruce Vilanch the famous comedian/writer is coming over to Ed and Rachelle’s to learn more about Richard Mayer’s solar Christmas lights. Rachelle has Master George Yau, the Feng Shui master come over to teach Ed and herself how to have the energy in their life remain in harmony with everything else around them. The Begleys also venture off to Pitzer College to see the most sustainable dorm rooms in the USA.

Richard Mayer is the Begley’s green guru. Anytime he comes across anything with a new green touch to it, he brings it over to show Ed. Such as their new solar Christmas lights ( Rachelle has always wanted Christmas lights on the house, but Ed just doesn’t want to waste power on having the decorations. Richard is here to fix that problem; he has new solar Christmas lights that power up by the sun during the day and turn on at night. Richard does a great job to please Rachelle with the decorations and please Ed with the sustainability.

The Begleys are on the roll, they head over to Pitzer College to see Pitzer’s new sustainable dorm rooms. Pitzer College has come up with a plan to build the most sustainable residence halls available ( Laura Trombley, the President of Pitzer College takes Ed and Rachelle around the campus to show them all of the green features. From Dutch doors to cross ventilation in the rooms, Ed and Rachelle are amazed. They even have a feature that turns the air conditioner off when a window is open...what a way to save power!

The Begleys head back home to meet Master George Yau, the Feng Shui master ( Feng Shui means wind and water; it’s part science, part art and it’s over four thousand years old. Rachelle has Master Yau come over to help get the energy flow of their home at an optimal level to where their prosperity, love life and health are all in good harmony. Master Yau takes Ed and Rachelle around the home to show them what they need to change and what can stay the same. Soon after Master Yau leaves Rachelle changes almost everything as instructed.

Bruce Vilanch, one of Ed’s long-time friends comes over to help with a speech for an environmental cause. Bruce also goes over Richard Mayer’s new eco-savvy Christmas and Halloween lights. After taking a look at the lights, Bruce, Ed and Richard go out front start placing them. While they’re doing that Rachelle is getting in the way with her weeding frenzy. Ed just doesn’t understand why she must weed…right when they are putting the lights in!



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