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West Wing Actor Sees Green 

The Begleys have quite a day. First, go over to Monica and Phil Rosenthialís to see their eco savvy home. After that they head over to their friend Dianna Cohenís green art studio. When they get home they are have a visit with Bradley Whitford. Bradley wants to learn more about being green.

First stop is Phil and Monica Rosenthialís home. Phil and Monica have a lot of green aesthetics in their home, they are excited to show Ed and Rachelle everything. Monica told them about the recycled denim insulation and showed them her little compost she has right underneath her sink. If thatís not enough, the Rosenthials have a waterless urinal and solar panels that blend in with the design of the house!

From solar panels to denim insulation, what more could the Rosenthials have. Next thing Monica showed Ed and Rachelle was her cork flooring, and a rather large pool that is cleaned by ultra violet light. Ed and Rachelle were both in awe! Soon the time comes and the Begleys had to be on their way, they have Bradley Whitford stopping by their home. Ed and Rachelle are going to teach Bradley how to be green.

The Begleys get home and Bradley is there. Bradley and Ed have done a lot of work together in the past. Bradley enters the house and right away Ed begins to take him on a grand tour. Showing him the compact florescent lights, the energy star thermostat, his energy star dishwasher, and also his compost. Bradley is kind of shocked with how much Ed actually does to be green. Ed is overexcited to show Bradley everything he has; he even lets Bradley take a spin in his new electric truck.

Bradley was nice enough to even get Ed a brand new computer chair made up of 100 % recycled materials. Bradley feels deep down that Ed doesnít really want to get rid of his old computer chair from the Ď70s, but heís trying to persuade him that itíll be OK.

The very next day Ed and Rachelle ventured over to Dianna Cohen ( art studio. Dianna is known for her recycled art. Diannaís art is so unique that she doesnít use paint; she uses plastic bags. Most things people would consider a throw-away material; she takes and makes artÖsuch as plastic bags. The biggest test was having Rachelle put on Diannaís recycled clothing. Yes, thatís right; Dianna makes clothing out of plastic bags too! Rachelle looked amazing in Dianna plastic bag clothing, so amazing that she asks Dianna if she could take the outfit home so she could wear it at an environmental event.



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