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Living with Larry Hagman 

The Begleys are on the move once again with another busy day! Ed and Rachelle start the day by going to Larry Hagman’s home to see how you can live big and green. Chris, the Begley’s gardener ( who offers an environmentally friendly gardening service using conventional, battery powered and electrical tools, which are much quieter to the public gets a brand new irrigation system installed, to top it off Ed gets a brand new green switch installed.

Ed is trying desperately to get Rachelle out of bed because they have a busy day ahead of them, Rachelle just doesn’t understand why they have to cram all that into one day. To start the day, Chris the gardener has Toro ( coming over today for an audit on Ed and Rachelle’s irrigation system. Toro helps you conserve the water you don’t need to use, and helps make sure every plant you have is getting the correct amount of water.

While Toro is outside auditing the irrigation system, Greenswitch ( inside installing a switch that can turn off everything you want turned off when you’re home with one flip! Greenswitch helps conserve energy, and helps your power bill go down. Ed and Rachelle are very happy with the green switch installation, especially Ed because he knows just how much energy he actually is saving. Really, any home can benefit from its energy conservation!

It’s time for the Begleys to head over to their good friend Larry Hagman’s home. Larry is an old time friend of Ed’s that is made many efforts in going green. Larry has a rather large home that is charged by a football field of solar panels. When Larry saw his power bill, he just knew he had to get solar panels to lower it. From passive solar to all of the solar panels, the Begleys are just in shock. Ed just knew that Larry maybe would be interested in some wind power. Figuring that, Ed has Pacwind come up to set up some demos of their wind turbines. Larry loves them and thinks they are great; he is very interested in purchasing some.

Back at the Begleys, Chris is working with Toro on getting the new irrigation system plugged in and ready to work. Chris and Craig walk around the whole yard figuring out all of the information they are going to need. Chris and Craig put all the information in the system and are waiting for the Begleys to get home so they can learn how to set up the new system on their own.

Over at Larry and Maj Hagman’s home, they take Ed and Rachelle over to their garden. Ed is in shock with the corn Larry has grown. Next, Larry takes Ed and Rachelle over to his football field of solar panels. This just blows the Begleys down! They cannot believe their eyes. With all of the solar panels that Larry has, he walks away with paying only thirteen dollars a year for is electricity bill. Not bad, not bad at all. Ed says it himself, “I have died and gone to heaven.”

It was time for Ed and Rachelle to leave the Hagman’s home and get back home to see their new irrigation system. As soon as Ed pulled in the driveway he headed right over to Craig and Chris to learn about his new system. This system leads Ed to one conclusion, and that is technology is our friend, you just have to embrace it. Speaking of embracing it, Ed tries to teach Rachelle how to program and use the Toro irrigation system. In his mind he thinks she just doesn’t understand, but the truth is she really does.



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