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Jackson Browne is Green 

The busy Begleys are on the roll again. This time they are getting new eco-friendly carpet installed in Rachelle’s palates studio, as well as taking a trip to see one of Ed’s old time friends, Jackson Browne. Before getting started with their day, the Begleys just can’t seem to hide from their pesky neighbor Bill Nye.

Ed notices that Rachelle is up in her palates studio making a plan to get new carpet installed. She knows it’s going to be tough telling Ed what her new idea is, but she gives it a go anyway. Ed just knows that it’s going to be something pricey and a lot of work for him. Rachelle has done her research on what kind of carpet she knows Ed will approve of; it’s called Flor ( Flor are carpet tiles made out of recycled materials that are very easy to install. How could Ed say no? Sure enough she puts Ed to work right away!

Next thing you know, Bill Nye is just peeping around the Begley’s home in hopes he is surpassing Ed with being green. Sure enough Bill finds out that the Begleys are getting new environmental carpet installed and he just can’t take it anymore. Bill stops his peeping and goes home to create his own new green project.

The Begleys get ready to go over to Jackson Browne’s home. When they arrive they notice that there is not one power line in sight. Jackson is completely off the grid; he makes his own power from the sun and the wind! Ed is totally impressed that Jackson is off the grid. Ed and Rachelle are just amazed at how beautiful Jackson’s home is. Jackson’s girlfriend Dianna explains the house is made of masonry and rebar in a way that it stays cool all year, even if it’s really hot outside. Ed noticed that Jackson even had wood burning stoves to keep the house warm when it’s cold, and a fireplace to go along with it.

While the Begleys were gone at Jackson Browne’s home, Bill Nye was at home stirring up ideas to make his very own solar panel cleaning device. Bill continues to try and one-up Ed, but who knows if he really can this time. Ed has noticed that Bill Nye has become a bit more competitive and is just ready to take on what Bill has come up with. All Rachelle can say is, “Pretty soon someone is going to have to referee these two boys.”

There was so much to see at Jackson Browne’s home. They got to see his wind turbine, his solar panels, his well, and his weather station. Ed is just in shock when he sees all of Jackson’s solar panels. He just can’t believe how self-sufficient Jackson actually is and hope one day he can be that way. Rachelle too, is amazed. Ed, Rachelle and Hayden see that he has hens, no need to buy eggs when you have your own hen to lay them! Ed was just a little surprised at how much Rachelle liked the ranch, now he says he has to work really hard and buy a big ranch somewhere so she will be happy. This trip to Jackson Browne’s home has only inspired Ed to do more green things around his home.

In the back of Ed’s head he knows he has to get heading home so he can finish his carpet project that Rachelle has talked him in to doing. Ed finished the carpet job and is just thrilled about how nice it looks! In the meantime, Bill finished his little solar panel cleaning device project and it works perfectly! Now he wants Ed and Rachelle to come over and check it out! Ed has seen Bill’s new device and thinks it is very impressive. Ed asks Bill if he could make him one, and in reply all Bill could say is, “Maybe.”



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