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Jay Leno's in Hot Water! 

It’s another busy time for the Begleys. Not only are they purchasing new energy star kitchen appliances from Whirlpool (, but they are also going to see the greenest house in Santa Monica. After that, Ed takes a visit to Jay Leno’s garage and Rachelle has a green organizer coming over to help her get her desk organized.

Ed used to believe that washing dishes by hand would save water and energy, but he was wrong. Ed found out that Energy Star dishwashers can save up to 3000 gallons of water a year. To Ed’s surprise, Rachelle was not just buying a new Whirlpool Energy Star dishwasher, but she also ordered a new stove and microwave! While Rachelle cleans a spot for all the new appliances, Ed works hard on finding a new home for his old appliances. NOTHING goes into the trash at the Begleys!

After all the new appliances are installed, Ed and Rachelle make their way to Santa Monica to see the greenest house in town. Ed hears it is a gorgeous house, but he is a bit afraid of what it is going to do to Rachelle. Ed and Rachelle arrive to the ultimate green house and are just in shock at how amazing it is. They are eager to learn how Warren Wagner, the architect, combined beautiful design with energy efficiency in such a large home. As they continue on the grand tour of Carol and Bob Bietcher’s green home, they notice that everywhere you look there is eco-friendly flooring, tiles that have been recycled, natural fabrics and non toxic finishes - Ed and Rachelle were just in awe! Ed explains that “these houses are good economically… not just for the current owner, but when you sell it they have added value.” Ed and Rachelle walk away actually agreeing on something they both loved!

Soon after their visit with the Bietcher’s, Ed decides he is going to stop by Jay Leno’s garage for a visit. Jay tells Ed that his crew is all about energy conservation. When Ed arrives at Jays he notices that Jay has his crew cooking meals with the rays from the natural sky light, but Ed feels as if there is a bit of mocking going on.

While Ed is at Jay’s, Rachelle has the green organizer Jill Pollack ( over to help her organize her desk a little better. Jill walks in and sees that Rachelle has already started without her and tells Rachelle to stop! Jill goes over every single thing Rachelle has on her desk and tells her to recycle anything she doesn’t need. Things you do need… make a file for them.

Back at Jay’s garage, Jay shows Ed his New Vertex gas water heater. David from A.O Smith ( explains to Ed and Jay that the Vertex is 90% efficient, whereas a regular tank style water heater is about 75 percent efficient. Even tankless model are only about 80% efficient. The Vertex has a glass lined coil inside of it so that the hot exhaust takes much longer to escape; the exhaust slowly moves up the coil keeping the heat in the water much longer than conventional gas models. Jay continues to show Ed more of his new fun gadgets like his 1899 natural gas engine, and his 1900 generator that he plans on making his own electricity with. After all of this, Jay claims he is the “New Ed Begley.”

Back at the Begley’s, Jill has finished organizing Rachelle’s desk. Jill Explains that the first step to being organized is to take inventory of what you have, so you don’t need to shop for things you may already have. In Ed’s own words, “It’s considered green organizing because by the end, your recycling bin should be far more filled than your trash can.”



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