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I Spy Bill Nye 

Bill Nye invites Ed and Rachelle over so he can ‘wow’ Rachelle with all of his green aesthetics at his home. Soon after the visit with Bill, Ed and Rachelle return back home to attend their two latest green projects. Ed works on the wind power and Rachelle takes care of lighting the house with the sun.

From Bill Nye’s tastefull rain barrel to his meter spinning backwards, Bill tries desperately to rub salt in Ed’s wounds. As Bill gives the grand tour of his home he still tries to please Rachelle with all his gadgets. Rachelle just doesn’t find anything to be very pleasing, besides his rose garden. Bill is starting to see and understand what Ed is up against.

Back at the Begleys, Rachelle is finally doing her first project for their home. Rachelle is having a company called Solatube ( out and install solar lighting. While Rachelle is taking care of that, Ed is out back with a crew of men from Pacwind installing a wind turbine. These projects will make Ed’s ellusive goal of being completely off the grid a little closer.

In the spirit of Ed, Rachelle says she is going to participate fully in the project she is taking on. Climbing up on top of the roof Rachelle learns a lot about where to place, and how the eco friendly solatubes work. As much as she wants to help, Rachelle is just not up for going in the attic to help put the tubes together. The truth is she didn’t even know she had an attic in her home.

In the meantime Ed is out back helping the crew from Pacwind set up the wind turbine. Ed says, “This new wind turbine is going to put clean power in places we have never seen before.” Ed really is excited about the wind turbine, and is ready to help wherever he can. Right in the midst of the wind turbine install Paul McCrane, one of Ed’s good friends, stops by to talk about the wind turbine. Ed explains to Paul how the wind turbine will work, and tells Paul to stop over again some time to talk solar. While the Solatube crew is working hard inside the house to get the job done, Rachelle notices the air conditioner has turned off. She calls Ed to ask him exactly how to work this completely complicated thermostat they have. In reply Ed says, “get the instruction book”, but then he himself presumes to tell her how to fix the problem.

Solatube is almost finished with their job, but there is just one last thing Rachelle needs to decide. Rachelle has to choose which kind of diffuser that brings in the sun light she would like. In the back of the Begley’s home Ed is almost finished with the installation of the wind turbine. Everything comes together just perfectly and Ed is very pleased.

Both projects are completed, and now it is time for Ed and Rachelle to see how each other’s projects turned out. Before Rachelle gets a chance to see the wind turbine, Bill Nye comes walking down the street and notices the turbine. Bill states that “Begley is trying to, crush him”, he just can’t believe that Ed got a wind turbine! In Bills frustrations he decides to go home and dress the wiring under his house. Bill even has an outfit for this task!

It is time for Ed to go check out Rachelle’s project. It pains Ed to admit it, but he is very impressed with what Rachelle has done here. Rachelle is checking out the wind turbine and does not know what to expect. To both of their surprises they like each other’s projects and are very impressed with one another.



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