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A Model's Model Home 

Ed and Rachelle head over to Cheryl Teigs’ home to do a green audit. Rachelle feels that Cheryl is just asking for trouble, but in the end it is Cheryl’s idea. Meanwhile across town, Ed and Rachelle send Jason and Jessica from Low Impact Living ( to do a green audit on their friend Lisa and Daniel Cerone’s home. Like Rachelle states, “It’s a pair of conversions they are happy to supervise”.

Upon arriving at Cheryl’s home, the Begleys are just amazed with the house. Cheryl asks for advice on keeping her indoor plants alive. In return, Ed presumes to educate Cheryl on a company ( will bring natural sunlight into the home with no energy needed.

While Ed and Rachelle are at Cheryl’s, Jason and Jessica are green auditing their way over to Lisa and Daniel Cerone’s home. Jason and Jessica’s job is to help Lisa and Daniel see what they can do to use less energy, water and other resources. Many changes will have to be made. Jessica has counted over 110 light bulbs! But with a simple switch to compact fluorescents (CFLs), the bulbs will last eight to nine times longer than normal light bulbs and save lots of electricity.

Back at Cheryl’s, Ed and Rachelle see the new environmental tile she will be using for her countertop and flooring in the kitchen. The water that is used in making the tiles is recycled by 99 percent. Cheryl informs Ed and Rachelle that this is where she is going to start with changing her house around.

At the Cerone’s home, Jason goes up to the attic to check on the insulation. To his dismay, the attic happens to be under-insulated for the climate they are living in. He also checks to see how tightly the holes in the attic flooring are sealed. Like Ed says, “fixing ceiling leaks can save a lot of energy and reduce your electric bill”.

Cheryl has had two companies come over and bid on how much it will cost for her to get solar panels, but the price was just too high. They also told her she would need a football field of panels to power her home. Ed lets Cheryl know that she doesn’t have to be off of the grid 100%, just install some solar panels to get partially off the grid.

As Ed and Rachelle proceed through Cheryl’s home they end up at her pool. Cheryl wants to know what she can use that is environmentally safe, instead of using chlorine in her pool. Cheryl then asks Ed and Rachelle how they heat their pool, but to all of their disappointment the Begleys don’t have a pool.

Jessica ends up taking Lisa around her home and shows her everything that she can do to help reduce her water and energy usage. Jason explains that Lisa has really been a great person to work with because she believes in this stuff, and she and Daniel are ready to make a change.

Cheryl shows Ed and Rachelle her two new hybrid cars. Cheryl says she will never go back to a car that just sucks up a lot of gasoline. Cheryl’s final question for Ed is “paper or plastic” and of course he votes for “neither”.

Ed and Rachelle make their way over to Lisa and Daniel’s to see exactly what changes they need to make. Jason and Jessica have found that the Cerone’s use more than four times as much energy as a typical home in California uses. The whole crew ends up going around the Cerone’s home and makes all the minor “green” changes they can make right away.



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