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The renovation of the Begley’s garage space causes neighbor Bill Nye to become more jealous than ever. Ed’s new garage-mounted tracker follows the sun across the sky all day long, unlike Bill’s solar panels, which just sit there unimpressively. The enormous solar panels drive Rachelle to distraction, who fears they might fall through the roof of their new garage.

Ed decides that he must teach Rachelle how to clean the solar panels in case he’s out of town, or passes away. Ed manages to complete one cleaning lesson, while giving Rachelle a bonus grammar lecture, and nearly knocking her off the roof several times with a broom.

Bill Nye takes time out to show off his new porch renovation, while he and Ed trade barbs over who will have the coolest front yard, and who is handsomer compared to used brick. Rachelle enjoys the view from the rooftop so much that she decides to bring up an umbrella, lounge chair, and refreshing drinks so she can lounge, while leisurely cleaning the solar panels.

Meanwhile, Bill scores one in his column with his new Mini-Cooper all-electric vehicle. Bill takes Ed for a test drive around the block, and Ed admits to being jealous, and concedes a round to Bill in the green competition.

Ed sees Rachelle’s rooftop retreat and goes ballistic. After threatening phone calls, Ed decides that shouting from the yard might be a better way to get his point across. Rachelle sips her daiquiri and ignores Ed. Ed decides that if Rachelle won’t come down she can stay up there, and he takes away the ladder. Rachelle makes enough noise for the neighbors to take notice, and threatens to call the fire department for a date with a hunky fireman. After day three days of blocking the solar panels with her umbrella, Rachelle has to come down and eventually Ed sees an opening while Rachelle’s at the bank, and dismantles her rooftop campsite, pitching it all into the backyard.

Rachelle spots a magazine article about the “greenest house in LA” and decides to tamp down the competition between Ed and Bill by taking them on a tour of a house that will make them both feel inadequate.

Bill and Ed become green with envy when they see Marty Meisler’s beautiful green home. Ed regrets going when Rachelle spots the swimming pool and sees a chance to make a case, yet again, for Ed to buy her a swimming pool. It’s all too much for Bill, who makes a run for it, due to fatigue from being out-greened, and general exhaustion from the Begley’s familiar bickering.

Out on a neighborhood stroll, the Begley’s notice Bill Nye’s completed front porch. Ed can’t contain his envy as Rachelle needles him. Ed tries his best to conceal his resentment, and tries to stop Rachelle from complimenting Bill. Bill hears from the backyard and gloats over his win in the ongoing green competition.



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