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I don't diet

I don't "diet." In fact, I eat almost everything. Instead of adhering to some strict dieting rules, I just eat a balanced mix of foods full of whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables.

In my opinion, the best way to maintain a healthy weight is to control the size of the portions you eat and to be aware of your calorie intake. As long as you burn more calories than you eat, you can stay fit and healthy. Since I burn a lot of calories working out, I am able to have a substantial amount of food.

My favorite kind of food is Italian. I'm such a sucker for pasta! I'm also a little bit of a sweet freak. My ultimate sugar craving is for those blended iced coffee drinks you can get at most coffee shops.

If I feel like I've been slacking a little and need to cut back on my food, I try to eat fewer amounts of bread and sugar - so those coffee drinks are the first to go.

I'm not much of a cook, that's more Ed's department. But when I do feel the need to create in the kitchen I have one dish that's always a crowd pleaser. I bake salmon in aluminum foil with some lemon juice, salt and garlic. It's sort of like a poached salmon, and everyone - including me - loves it.

Vitamins are also a great way to supplement what you can't get from your everyday diet. I used to get sick a lot, but since I started taking my daily regimen of vitamins and supplements, I rarely feel under the weather.

And when a cold or other illness does strike, I use my vitamins to help cure it. Below are just some of the many vitamins I recommend.

First off, I always consult my doctor or homeopath (vitamin and supplement expert) before changing or adding a new vitamin. Every day I take Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Fish oil omega 3 pills, DHEA vitamins and olive leaf extract.

When I feel a cold is coming I take astragalus, maitake mushroom extract and Vitamin C three times a day. If I have a stomach ache, I add enzyme vitamins to my everyday vitamin intake to help with digestion. And when my skin needs an extra boost, I take some alpha lipoic acid.

Besides my eating preferences and vitamin intake, three things I always AVOID in order to stay healthy are drinking alcohol, smoking and lying out in the sun.

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