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Epiphany Shower System
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The Epiphany Shower System allows for shower flow control depending on whether or not you are standing under the shower or have stepped away to lather, shave etc. It provides a luxurious shower while at the same time saving 20% to 40% on water usage and corresponding hot water energy usage.
Lifesource Water Systems
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Some water filtration systems require you to purchase separate water filters for each faucet - shower water filters, faucet filters, refrigerator filters, etc. LifeSource offers a “whole-house” water filter system which delivers clean water throughout your entire home. The LifeSource Whole House Water System uses NO Salt, NO Chemicals or Magnets and is Maintenance Free. Common Water Softners produce water with a slippery slimy feel, not LifeSource.
Your Guide to Other Gadgets on the Show - Episode Guide
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